|| The Greenhouse Season || A little while ago I made a promise to the Lord and it sounded like this; “If the door to the dreams you have put in my heart remains shut, I will use the time you have gifted me to grow.” There was a dispair to my unfulfilled desires that … More

The Greater of all Good

|| What’s on offer? || Anyone feel like you’re choosing the lesser of two evils in your situation? . Charles Spurgeon said, “Of two evils choose neither”; There must be therefore another option available to apprehend?! In my going today I suddenly felt a burden for people, especially mums, who felt they didn’t have much … More The Greater of all Good

Display His Goodness

I try to make it a posture of my heart to be excited for the success of another in or out of my sphere. My default reaction is not “What about me God?” or “How arrogant of them!?”.Another person’s success, achievement, miracle or provision is an inspiration to me and not an irritation. It gives … More Display His Goodness

From Bleakness to Beauty

|| From Bleakness to Beauty || A few lines penned from my time with my Father God today. A small but prominent pray of mine is, “Lord make something beautiful out of my life”; His response to me today was, “There exists, in the darkest of darkness, the opportunity for beauty.” Some encouragement for those … More From Bleakness to Beauty

A Turn Around Word

  || Encounters’4’Encouragement || I believe true encouragement engraves courage on ones heart. May you find it here. I was woken up 3 nights ago to a dinner plate hanging vertically in my room. On the plate was the alphabet in capitals, mixed up and all reading backwards. I was puzzled. Last night I was … More A Turn Around Word