A Story About A Laptop.


|| A Story About A Laptop. ||
I was 14 years old and I was praying for a Laptop but saw no sign of it coming my way.
Oneday I was chatting to a close friend of mine about the desire to have one, when suddenly, I felt the Holy Spirit ask me, “Chix, I know you want it, but how are you going to recieve it?” And out of my mouth came this response, “I’m going to get a laptop, I’m going to get it from a stranger and I’m going to get it for free!!!” I literally spoke it outloud. Something happened in my spirit. I was not only asking but I could see me tangibly receiving it and I continued to stand tenaciously on this belief.
Two weeks had passed and I was sitting on the bus ride home from school and telling a friend about a wealthier student in my class who received the latest mac for her birthday, all I said was, I would love to have a laptop of my own. A little 9 year old boy turn his head around and said, “I’ll get you a one!” I looked at Him up and down and said, “Why? Who are you?!?” He said, I’ll give it to you next week. The boys dad owned an IT business!
One week later, I was holding my laptop, from a stranger and it came for free!
The Lord is really encouraging me to ask again and allow my heart to envision receiving the promises on my life. If He did it once, He will do it again and my prayer and faith is for you also!! I would like to invite you on this journey with me. Do not be afraid to ask Him and when you do, believe that He said Yes before you hold the promise in your hand and Be Bold to see yourself receiving it! He is moved by our vulnerability to ask and our boldness to see it granted.
Standing With You in Faith. – Lorraine .
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