The Greater of all Good


|| What’s on offer? ||

Anyone feel like you’re choosing the lesser of two evils in your situation? .
Charles Spurgeon said, “Of two evils choose neither”; There must be therefore another option available to apprehend?!

In my going today I suddenly felt a burden for people, especially mums, who felt they didn’t have much option. I want to invite you into a space today where you can see the plethora of ideas, avenues and resources God has for you to thrive and overcome in whatever area you are struggling in at the moment.
Gods intention for us was never to settle for the lesser of two bad options but instead to provide an alternative that will cause those in the spheres around us to stand in awe and wonder of what a life of trusting and hearing God looks like.

With much excitement for all He has to show you and supply to you.- Lorraine

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