His Can for our Can’t


|| Encounters’4’Encouragement ||

On Thursday night as Joshil sat beside me in bed praying, there appeared infront of me, suspended in the middle of the bedroom a stack of soft drink cans. I blinked ferociously in wonder at the sight.

“What on earth are you trying to show me Lord?” I ask.

He replies, “Chicky, what do you see?”

With confusion I remark, “I see cans!?”

He gently but confidently replies again, “Then why are you keeping your eyes upon the can’t(s) of your life?”

This simple statement, yet profound encounter shot like arrow through the middle of my core. Peircing every doubt I had of the intention of God to display his goodness and greatness in my life. .
Can I extend this to you today? As its been burning on my heart.

Jesus is inviting you to see and tenaciously fixate your eyes upon WHAT HE CAN DO and take your focus off WHAT OTHERS SAID THEY CAN’T OR WHAT YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN’T do either.

As I looked at these soda cans, they were drawn with a luminous blue electric thread. As the revelation of assurance of Gods dreams for my life began to come alive in me, the CANS began pulsating with life and colour, almost like electricity on a wire. .
I want to prompt your thinking today, “What are you giving life to?” What are you lending your thought pattern to?”, “What does your speech sound like?” .
May we begin to see, take note of and proclaim the POSSIBILITY in God rather than the IMPOSSIBILITY in ourself.
I welcome you into the understanding that, “(You) can do all things through Christ…” and “With Christ all things are possible…”.

May we take this opportunity to realise it in our belief system first before it can become a tangible reality in our situations and circumstances. .
Instead of keeping your CAN’T and discharging His CAN; grab a firm hold of the CANS of God and give life to them until you see it physically displayed in your life. He is making our lives a story of the truth of His reality on this earth. .
You may have been told in some way, that people can’t do anything more for you and your situation, but today I tell you, GOD CAN and you CAN WITH GOD.

With Excitement and Love,