Display His Goodness


I try to make it a posture of my heart to be excited for the success of another in or out of my sphere. My default reaction is not “What about me God?” or “How arrogant of them!?”.Another person’s success, achievement, miracle or provision is an inspiration to me and not an irritation. It gives me faith for my own and does not highlight my failure or misfortune.
Sometimes our culture frowns upon a person if they display or publicise their achievement or gain, but yet our culture is not offended if that same individual holds a party every year just to celebrate the fact that they were born, how obnoxious right? .
May we create safe spaces of celebration were people are not inhibited to speak of their victories. It creates an atmosphere for the impossible in our life to be made possible. The miraculous must first be conceived before it is birth and this happens when we share stories of Gods Goodness.

With Excitement about your story xx

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