A Turn Around Word



|| Encounters’4’Encouragement ||

I believe true encouragement engraves courage on ones heart. May you find it here.

I was woken up 3 nights ago to a dinner plate hanging vertically in my room. On the plate was the alphabet in capitals, mixed up and all reading backwards. I was puzzled. Last night I was woken up again to a sheet of what seemed like continous paper hanging on the ensuite door covered with multiple alphabetical letters, this time they were forward facing.
Jesus soon began bringing clarity to these two scenes and capture my heart by what He was saying.

Some of you have been served a plate of bad news, this news has been consumed & accepted and is being digested & presently settling into your spirit. This news may seem like a life sentence with no solution and no way out. I see the strong hand of the Father coming in and dismantling each negative word from the report spoken and served to you, breaking each word apart. Its not for consumption!
When we partake we agree, there is a strong roar of the Lord saying, “You don’t have to agree with that report, I am breaking it apart and turning it around.”
Heaven has a meal replacement on the menu! Its true, its powerful and if it has worked for others, It can for you too.

I believe this life sentence the enemy brings, is what the Lord is turning around & going to use to start scribing and then speaking sentences that bring life over you.
I saw the thoughts of God (which are always good towards us) transcribe into text and then talk. His report is good and it is the one He is inviting us to partake off and allow to digest in our hearts. Like in the second vision, the intent of His heart is to turn the letters around, write a new and continuous sentence of life that we can then recite over and into our situation. I invite you to begin hearing what they are, it is found in relationship with Him, in His presence & in His word!

It’s turn around time and God is presenting a new report for you to perceive & believe. May the evidence of your tenacious trust in Jesus be seen by those around you. When they hear your story may they see the greatness of the hand that wrote it.
– In Trust, Lorraine