|| The Greenhouse Season ||

A little while ago I made a promise to the Lord and it sounded like this; “If the door to the dreams you have put in my heart remains shut, I will use the time you have gifted me to grow.”
There was a dispair to my unfulfilled desires that lifted in that moment. I had finally stopped seeing the moment as being trapped but rather began to view the season as a gift of time to add value to myself in order to oneday add value to another. Gratitude for the present & patience for the future settled into my heart, whilst understanding brought me life.

Maybe you are feeling sidelined and unseen, but don’t shrink back! Instead make it a point to keep growing; before you know it your growth will be seen and you will have gained what others now need.

I pray you see your season as a greenhouse and not a jailhouse. You are being covered and being cared for and not isolated and forgotten. May you take in as much of the SON as you can and allow His life and love to prepare you to add beauty to the places being prepared for you.
– With Excitement, Lorraine.

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