God is adding Mercy to Your Agenda

.|| Encounters’4’Encouragement ||.

“The steadfast love of the Lord never ceases; His mercies never come to an end; they are new every morning; Great is Thy Faithfulness.” -Lamentations 3:22-23
This is one of my faves and I want to extend this as an encouragement to you to give you the strength you need for today and perhaps this season of your life.

We suddenly found ourselves in the middle of a storm in the midst of our usually happy life. Feeling overwhelmed as I stood infront of the mirror, I looked at my weary eyes reflecting back at me and then I began seeing a vision.

There appeared a calendar with all my usual obligations and expectations for the day. I saw myself adding to the activities with joy and excitment. As I watched this calender, I saw a black marker come in and hover over the top, it began to script into my already full but mostly happy life some disturbing events. I looked in shock as I thought I am not doing anything naturally to fuel these things. The Lord was showing me the enemy’s intention to add unnecessary pressure to my life. I then saw another pen. This time is was a highlighter and it had a strong hand attached it to. This hand wrote over my daily agenda, day after day, in big bold letters, MERCY. The black writing began to fade in the light of this new mark on the page.
It was then that I heard the Lord speak to my heart, “Chix, I’ve added MERCIES to your day. Don’t forget what’s available to you, what I’ve done for you and who you are to me.”

You see if I was able to stick to my schedule I may not have been unusually overwhelmed, it was the added things the enemy was throwing at us from the sidelines that was bringing fear, fatigue, discouragment and sapping the joy out of the journey.
But the Lord was about to change that and I believe He wants to do it for you too.

When Mercy is granted to someone, it brings freedom, pardon, liberation and a lifting of the pressure that once held them down. The act of mercy is a sword to the shackles that keeps people locked in dispair. It is the hands of COMPASSION that lifts us up when we find ourselves in a hopeless situation, whether self imposed or not. Mercy is abundant but not always used.

Today don’t let your misery outweigh your mercy and don’t let it go to waste; apprehend it. You may feel anxious, tired and push against the wall by your circumstances but there is NEW mercies for you today.

This means that for whatever the enemy had planned to put in your agenda, whether you walk through it or the Lord delivers you before you do; or perhaps whatever other obligation you need to finish, one thing is for sure; There is enough of the mercies of God to be apprehended in prayer and faith at each step. It is time to understand and see the evidence of his compassion and love towards you.

No matter what you are facing, there is abundant grace to get through and to libertate you! You are never without and never empty handed. God is making available to you today new encounters with His love and wants to show Himself as mighty and faithful. Your circumstance is the seed bed for a miracle.
May we trust in Him and get to see the evidence of the daily mercies of God in our lives!
Be encouraged you are not alone and not without!! Lean into Jesus, He sits enthroned upon the seat of mercy and gives lovingly and liberally to His children and you are one of them.

With Love and Celebration.