Bells and Whistles

I love this verse! It’s true that Jesus has more than enough to meet every need and the writer of this verse says it with such confidence to his readers, as He himself received abundately when in need..

As I was reading it, I felt the Lord highlight to me the word “RICHES”.
“Do you know how I dream of meeting your needs Chix?”- He asked me with a big smile.

He was prompting my heart to believe for not just my need to be met but for it to be met extravagantly.

Not because of greed but because He wanted to scribe a story in my life (AND YOURS) that displays His true nature, which is ABOUNDING WITH LOVE AND GENEROUSITY.

The word for “supply” in the greek is, “plērōsei”, meaning “REPLETE, CRAMPED, PACKED, TO THE BRIM, FULL, SATISFIED and FINISHED, FURNISHED AND FITTED OUT”.

I encourage you to dream without limits and hope as though all things are possible. The Father doesn’t want to see his children “just making do”, yes that is His supply also but may we not classify it as the EXTENT of His provision. He wants to see the need in your life as FULLY MET.
May you and I have the faith to believe for the full completion of our need, BUT, may we also have the understanding that the “Bells and Whistles” can be included in that also. We just need to have the tenacity and joy to believe for it, because He dreams of having it included.

With Expectancy and Excitement, Lorraine.

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