You are the Offering and the Gift!

|| Encounters’4’Encouragement ||

I had an encounter last week as I was spending time with Jesus. I was visited by two angels in the midst of a blanketing of the presence of the Lord that overcame my lounge room and overwhelmed every fibre of my being.

The swells of His glory drove me face down onto my carpet and my tears began drenching the fibres.

The angels began ministering to me. They began pouring into me something that seems to pave itself into every pour of my body and spirit until it poured out again in tears, in praise and in adoration to a mighty and fully loving God. As one Angel sat on me I was pinned to the floor by his weight and began shaking violently without being able to get myself up from the carpet to have the encounter stop. I asked the Lord in desperation, “what’s happening here?” He answered promptly through the right side of the room, “This is what it looks like to BECOME the offering and the gift that is pressed down, shaken together and running over.”

When the angels eventually left and the Lords presence lifted just enough for me to scrap my limp body of the floor, I opened my bible to Luke 6:38.

We’ve heard this scripture shared over and over again during the offering time in a church service understandabley and within right, even though its immediate context is about our actions, thoughts, feelings and inclusive of our material deeds towards others.

You see, God wants to give you what you have been giving out and He also wants to fill you so that you can do so if you haven’t already.

It reminds me of a time, when an angel stood towering over Joshils side of the bed one night feeding him out of the palm of his hand. I asked him what on earth he was doing. He replied without breaking His gaze, “He fed God’s people, so I’m feeding him.” In the morning Joshil asked me if anything had happened during the night as per usual. I reluctantly told him the encounter. He looked at me in wonder saying, “that is the exact words I ask the Lord last night in the car on my way to the meeting before I ministered. I asked Him if He would help me FEED HIS PEOPLE.” (really goes to prove that Jesus listens to you even when no one else is around).

There are many of us who have been asking the Lord for provision and we have been giving out much, spiritually and materially. I believe that in the secret place of His presence Jesus wants to put back into us extravagantly, therefore enabling us to realise that we are not just recipients of physical offerings or gifts that are pressed down, shaken together and running over but that WE ARE INFACT THE GIFT and THE OFFERING that is pressed down, shaken together and running over.

There stands ready and available much of heavens contents to be placed into your spiritual pocket. This provision, whatever it is that your spirit needs and desires will be packed by the Lord. He is pressing the contents down, shaking it together, to make sure the contents disperses into the pouch to make room for more and then He will fill it up to over flowing, so much so that it will begin to pour out generously around you, bringing people into a place that shines with the reality of God.

Until this encounter I didn’t see how much significance to spiritual “wealth” this scripture had. The Lord reminded me that WE ARE OFFERINGS TO THE LORD & WE ARE GIFTS TO HIS PEOPLE. He wants to take us into a place of encounter where we become a people so packed with revelation, with goodness, mercy, forgiveness, kindness and with love just to name a few things. Yes I may have been physically pressed down by an angel and my body shook in response to what the other was pouring into my being; it was a physical response to a supernatural encounter, it was real. I encourage you to surrender yourself as the offering you are to the Lord. You don’t have to shiver or shake or be pinned to the floor like I was, but I guarantee you, you will be filled with the love and glory of Jesus.
Today can I encourage you to consume what heaven is serving and come before Jesus to be filled once again. Come as you are. If you are broken He will mend you and enable you to hold your contents well. If you are hungry for more of Him, He will satisfy you with His love and presence. Just come and become that layed down, poured out offering to Jesus and extravangant gift to the world around you.
With Love and Celebration,