Wear Your New Identity and Wear it Confidently!

I had a very distinct dream last night that brought me so much freedom! I pray it does the same for you!

In the dream I was standing infront of a place that was quite definitive to my childhood. In the dream I was the age I am now and I was wearing new clothes but had a shopping cart full of my old ones. I then saw a married couple there who had walked with me in my faith journey over the last 10 years. They joined me out the front of this building with very smiley faces. They began to cheer for me as I began walking away from this building. I was pushing a shopping cart however. Suddenly I knew that I couldn’t take this cart full of old clothes with me. I wasn’t called to carry it with me to the destination ahead. I realised that I had allowed these clothes to be placed in my cart by other people and I was unaware of how detrimental it was to carry it into my future.

I suddenly began emptying the contents of the cart into the street; all these “former”, “once used” clothes. I began throwing them into the middle of the road, never to be worn again! Almost like hard rubbish to be collected and disposed of.

There were some items that were hard to part with as I still thought that it “fits me”, but the couple cheered on and said, “THATS NOT YOU ANYMORE! YOU DONT WEAR THAT ANYMORE”.
Eventually I had gotten rid of my old clothes in my cart and was ready to fill it with new ones.

When waking up from this dream, I felt the Lord ask me, “Why, me and others like myself, have chosen to be wear our new identity in Christ but are still carting around the old one?”

We have to stop carting around peoples critique and critisms of us!

I saw that as much as I seemed to be walking around confidently in the “New Person” that I have become (having allowed Jesus to do a number on me these past few years), I was still carrying around a cart filled with peoples perceptions of me and my old self; which made me scared to walk into what I am being called into and made me question my worth. I realised that to walk into the fullness of the new creation that I am now, I not only had to wear my new identity as a, “fully loved and approved daughter of the most high king”, but I also had to do away with what others may continue to portray me as.

I want to encourage you today, Jesus has clothed you in ROYAL ROBES do not cart around the RAGS that you may have once worn or what others thought you wore and do not allow yourself to carry them even if others still see you in it. You are the Royalty and Righteousness of God. Wear your identity confidently and step into the new! Do not let the old confine you.

Like that couple in my dream; Jesus is cheering you on, He sees you as the courageous and confident individual that He has restored you to be! You are not who you once where or who people accused you of being and Jesus knows it. He trusts you! He sees you! He’s called you!

Throw away the unnecessary baggage, you are an IMPROVED AND APPROVED SON AND DAUGHTER and may you see others the way Jesus sees you.

Cheering you on!
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