God has purpose when He pauses you!

I’m very excited for this year!

I’ve been feeling to go back to uni and was praying about it for a looongggg time.

I’m a firm believer that if God wants you somewhere He can put you there regardless of the little letters that prefix or suffix your name. Instead he requires a surrendered heart to get you to where He wants you and for where you may desire to go.

I felt that for whatever He had in-store, He was calling me back to uni. I was just about to apply before the new year and felt a pause on that venture; it was a very clear, “wait for January 2019” from Jesus. So I did!

To cut a long story short; when I did apply I was accepted straight away and received credit for half the degree, something I wouldn’t have received if I applied in Novemeber 2018.

That 2 months wait brought a 2 year acceleration!!!

Can I encourage you this year not be afraid of the waiting.


He loves you so much that He will bring you into the place he wants to you be, with the people you need to be around and He provides the path to get there.

Trust His voice and if you feel like you are going no-where can I suggest you practice hearing him and enjoy what he has to say rather than being frustrated at your lack of progression or insight into your future.

I’ve realised that sometimes the Lord has revealed His plans for me and I’ve been like my two little fustrated kiddies on a road trip crying, “Are we there yet?! Are we there yet?!”.

I pray that we don’t be like that. I pray that as Jesus gifts us with revelation of our futures, may we also be willing to receive the patience, trust, obedience and JOY that comes with it.

Trusting Jesus with your life pays off and allows for a unique and exciting story to be written.

With Love & Celebration,

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