Praise is My Habit!

|| Psalm 22:3 ||

“But You are holy, Enthroned in (Dwells in, Sits in, Lives in…😮) the praises of Israel.”
If you get to read the whole of the above song, you will see that the lyricist is speaking about how God would come and sit amongst his people of ages past when they opened their mouths to praise and adore God. It was as though He would come and rest His head on the cushion of their praise and make His dwelling there.

In this song the man is actually facing much trouble of his own and starts reminding himself that if he should praise, the presence of God dwelling near him would become more real and more evident to him than any other situation he was facing. No matter what turmoil he found himself in, what trouble surrounded him, God was there, camping out and making his home with him and his praises was infact creative! Constructing a place for the Father to sit and rule over the turmoil he maybe facing.

The song writer asks God a few verses down to, “not be far from him”, his heart lies in hope that as much as He (God) had done for others in the past, that He would also do for him.

Perhaps it is like that for us? There lies a hope that God himself will step into our desperation and rescue us?

May we learn that despite our surroundings that praise allows us to camp out with God. He is near and able to act.

Lift your praises! May it begin to roll off your tongue. May it become your habit so that you have the confidence that, God is not inhibited by your situation, instead it is an opportunity for his habitation and your rescue.

May you be brought into the reassurance and revelation that you are never alone and never without, because God is near.

Happy Sunday Funday!

Love & Celebration Lorraine

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