Key of Kindness


An insight into my prophetic journey and who taught me what was necessary.

I L.O.V.E the prophetic. I’ve wholeheartedly pursued its vastness over the past 8 years but feel only a few meters in. There was sometimes this repeated occurance in my own journey that I had to become aware of. I seemed to have had trained my brain to be so consumed with trying to get a word for someone (in my going), that I otherwise naturally stopped engaging with society because I had zero “spiritual prompting”.
I put myself under a lot of pressure to KNOW them before I asked them WHO they were or HOW they were. I had forgotten how to engage well with society because I didn’t always feel promoted by the Lord or feel my usual “prophetic feels”. My compass had become revelation and not love.

I’m sorry but not sorry; I’m just being vulnerable; perhaps I’m the only prophetically inclined person to be feel this way? I’ll risk it & step out on a limb here. I realised that much of my prophetic journey was me trying to “hear” God so profoundly rather than me trying to display a profound God in sometimes a simple way, which can be LIFE CHANGING for someone else. I forgot to allow kindness to be the forerunner to my pursuit of knowledge. As I begun asking the Lord of how to be kind to someone, the revelatory realm opened up & encouragements or “words from the Lord”, encounters & insights into peoples lives came more clearly.

The bible speaks of the kindness of God leading men to repentence. Perhaps it’s the kindness of God through you and I? If so it must first be cultivated in us then it can be cultured around us.

I have two men in my life that do this well. Both their names start with “J” (ironically so does Jesus’), they both love music, crazy dancing & are both very Pastoral in nature. They have an inate ability to not just SEE people but make people feel SEEN. I have watched my husband Joshil & our five year old Son Judah engage the community with their kindness & love; while I sometimes engage ONLY because “I felt led too.” I had to ask myself a question that has begun to shape the rest of my prophetic journey. What is more powerful, kindness or knowledge?

A kind word or question such as; “thank you”, “you’re amazing”, “How are you?”, “I hope you have had a good day so far”, “you’re doing a good job”, “what’s your name?”, “Thank you for serving us” or even “I’m sorry”; could be a key to increased knowledge into anothers life and a key to our own closeness with the Father but it can ultimately led someone to know who Jesus truly is, how much He loves them and how much He wants them to experience all He has to offer on earth and THEN MORE in eternity.

Yes, sometimes a word or act of kindness is a forerunner to a prophecy or word of knowledge; other times, a word of knowledge will usher in the truth of Gods kindness to a person. Without discounting that; What I’m doing here is searching my heart, understanding its intent & what it’s being driven by & therefore inviting you on the same journey.

May I encourage you to pursue knowledge & Gifts of prophecy!! There is an increase in knowledge throughout the earth & the children of God are invited to take part in its out pouring. But may we pursue it with kindness. It is the key to unlock peoples hearts to not just a momentary revelation but to an eternal one.

With Love & Celebration
Lorraine (Chix)

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