||One of the greatest ongoing lessons of my life||
So many stories and thoughts on this topic but for now; be encourage guys and girls. Hold fast to your integrity, the reward is truly great even if the evidence of it may seem scarce at present, sometimes you will miss out because you decided not to cut corners, but know that heaven recognises and will reward. Don’t spend your time wondering why your “honesty isn’t paying off”, in fact it is; be patient, perceiver and be at peace; your sowing has not been forgotten. May you see your integrity to be a generational investment not just a momentary one.

Know that intimacy (close relationship) with Jesus births integrity of heart. The Lord is not looking for a people who are perfect in their choices, but He is looking for a surrendered heart, that is willing to learn, repent and choose Heavens way.

Partnering with you on a similar path full of tests & trails. Cheering you on & Praying for courage! Love Lorraine .
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