Increase Your Capacity


Yeah I married a good one! Today he dropped this pearler into our season. ❀πŸ”₯πŸ™‹
Perhaps you are in a similar boat to us and are looking at what your priorities are for the season you are in or the one ahead.
Let me explain further.

Sometimes our capacity will need to be stretched in order for us to hold more. Other times we may have to shed some of what we have been doing and holding onto inorder for us to have more capacity to harbour and steward that which is to come or maybe what has already been added.

Can I encourage you not to resist the stretching or the shedding or sometimes both!!

Perhaps God will have something so big for you to run with that he may call for both; an expansion of capability and a clearing of space in your life so that you can excel at what you are being call to do and who you are being called to become.

Here’s something I gathered from what my husband said.
I’ve mostly understood a stretch in capacity as adding more to life. The thought of it is exciting and exhausting all at the same time, but to know that I am permissioned to increase my capacity by creating space was liberating!.. but still a little unnerving. What will I fill the new found space with?!
And then it dawned on me…

My two pet peeves. Perhaps I’ll break down my understanding of them in a later blog.

For now; I pray you have an ability to recognise what God is wanting to do with you. May you have the clarity to see what is no longer a necessity and have the courage to say Yes to what is. I pray grace and understanding on your networks, spheres and families to journey with you at these times. I pray a favour and blessing upon all you are called to endeavour into.

Go on and smash it peeps! Cheering you on.
Love & Celebration Lorraine (& Joshil πŸ€—)
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