Gods Splendour


A few moments ago the Holy Spirit dropped this bomb on me whilst I singing out some praise and getting ready to go out. I got a picture of the artificial sweetener splenda and heard Jesus say with such joy and laughter say. “Chix my splendour is never Artificial and I want to Spend it on you!”.

Now for those of you who don’t know it yet; can I bring you into a little secret…”Jesus is the King of Fun and Puns!!” It’s true!! And yet in the midst of His humour He will touch your heart and transition you from fear and into faith, from dispair and into delight, in a moment. I felt He wanted me to courage you guys and girls tonight, just as He did me.

Can I encourage you that the Lord is generously showering you with His Splendour aka, His magnificence, grandeur, richness, lavishness, glory, beauty & His elegance. And it is as authentic and genuine as it comes. He wants to reveal a genuine love and sweetness to those who have never witnessed a genuine love. No matter your heart state or life situation, you can become a recipient of an outpouring of His love and glory, just chat to Him. Life is truely sweeter when we live it with Jesus.

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