Culture of Celebration


||Culture Of Celebration||
I’m not asking if you belong to one, I’m asking if you are creating one?

A Community:

– That celebrates with heart not just congratulates with their mouths? 🙌
-That accepts & pursues testimony? Who isn’t uncomfortable to listen to anothers, but instead who allows it to inspire them and not irritate them. Who isn’t afraid to share about their own pursuits or accomplishments and ‘Failures’? One who is intentional to create a :::SAFE AND TRUSTWORTHY::: place for it to be shared? 🙆
– Whose conversation is not comparative or condescending but provides solution even when observation is made? 🙏
– Whose thoughts is on the race they are running not focused on anothers. Whose view of those people running along side of them is that of a companion and not a competitor? 🙋

May we create what we do not have. May we replicate the best of what we do!
With Love, Lorraine
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