Creativity & Children

Creativity and lack

I’m so glad I gave my YES to my kids. They have made me lose what was not needed of myself and find so much of what was! Here is some of what they helped me discover.

I watched my children set up two small buckets with sand and begin churning it with two soup spoons from my silverwear. One of the two was dressed to impress with rabbit framed goggles and the other as a caped crusader. However they were undercover “Master Chefs” preparing me a three course dinner with all my favourite accompaniments. At first I looked at them in pity and thought; “I should really buy them a sand pit and shovels and reserve my silverware for the guests.” But I paused and began to see two brilliant little minds begin to unlock & be unleashed even in their LACK. Just as my parents did so for me; perhaps I wanted to supply for my kids what I didn’t have? Not that thats a bad thing! I celebrate that! But, I also want to reserve a space for my children to CREATE what they want or think they need! As I did so, I watched the determination and joy on their faces; they were so content as their began to give themselves over to their creativity. Their lack didn’t phase them, instead it excited them! I stopped and envied them for a moment. I began to ask myself about what I’m doing with my lack and began to search the areas of my life where I seemed to be without. Did my lack irritate & intimidate me? Perhaps it could even … INSPIRE me, like it did my babies?
Can I encourage us today to be like my two little ones. May we see the areas we lack as fields of opportunity, instead of walls of opposition that stop the progression of our life. Can I encourage you that even in lack you are never fully without. May we look around and begin to notice who and what are our resouces. May our perspective change and may we begin to see the potential to design, create, collaborate, invent and entrepreneur something new or perhaps improve on and further what already exists. Who you are and whats inside you can become the provision for someone else. May we never let our lack of something intimidate us but may it inspire us to become to another who we have searched for and create for another what we couldn’t find. Let me take it home by saying it like this; The fearful will let lack oppress them but the courageous will let lack progress them! Remember you are abounding with creativity but you will often discovered it in your places of lack.
With Love and Celebration, Lorraine
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