Affirmation and Children

Affirm Children

Leaving my babies little surprises, love notes or “love vlogs” (as seen below); helps me to be intentional in my love for them and helps them realise that are loved intentionally. We cannot just assume that “they know.”.

I remember watching a movie where a wife was explaining to her husband the need for him to tell their son how much he loved him. His reply was; “isn’t it implied by my actions, I feed him don’t I?”.

Joshil and I chuckled to eachother as we watched this scene. How often do parents spend their life affording (providing for) their children; hoping it compensates for the lack of affirmation they are called to provide for them also? I am a proud wife of an incredible man who is so passionate about affirming his children. He often tells them he loves them, then without reservation explains why by highlighting their attributes and then backing it up with His actions.

Perhaps previous generations have lived under the illusion that they were, “allowing their “actions” to speak louder than their words.” Where infact the generation that followed was waiting for their WORDS to line up with their actions.
May we not assume that our children know we love them because we take them to school, church, activities, put food on the table & clothes on their back.

Mums and Dads, I encourage you to SPEAK and remind your babies of your love. Highlight their good attributes that come naturally and those they have grown in. Yes there are times we need to discipline them; but may our encouragement always outweigh our correction and my correction always be constructive.

Take time out of the routine (as genuine & love driven as it maybe) to show them your affection in unique ways. One thing that I love saying that always has Judah shocked is; “Hey buddy, just want to thank you for wanting to hang out with me today, it means a lot.”. It highlights to him that He has power and choice in this relationship that he can abuse or honour.

What shocked me is after Gracie had found my love vlog hidden on her iPad, she asked me, “Was all that true? Do you really love me like you said and as much as you said?”
Powerful isn’t it!
So parents; may we not live under the excuses of previous generations. May we choose to not keep our emotions silent, may we speak a language of love that is perhaps often unheard. May we choose to give perhaps even what we didn’t recieve and become who we did not have. May our consistent, genuine love and affirmation to our kids publically and/or privately be the key that unlocks our childrens generation to be societies solution not its burden! Genuine affirmation will grow SECURE PEOPLE not SHOW PONIES. We cannot spoil them with affirmation, we spoil them if we use them to be our trophies to gain others approval (that one is for free).

May we realise that as much as we build with our hands, we also build with our tongue, a powerful and power-filled tool, that I affectionately call the “CREATOR & CREMATOR” (that’s for another time). May we be intentional to open up our months and speak love and life to those little ones in our care. Their future and ours depend on it.

With Love Lorraine
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