Winning & Grinning or Comparing & Despairing?

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Are You Winning and Grinning or Comparing and Despairing?

1 Corinthians 9:24 doesn’t permit us to live in competition or comparision with oneanother, it persudes us to live a life of persistence and discipline in our journey to attain what is uniquely ours. Unfortunately many of us fall short of achieving what was set out in our race because we concentrate on winning AGAINST another and not FOR the one: JESUS.

Before a runner even gets to take part in the games, he or she must enter the trails. Some of us are so wanting to play in the big arenas (which often comes with more power and position, but also with more pressure and persecution) but yet we can’t even pass the trails.

Some of you maybe facing trails and tribulations in your life; can I encourage you to persist and be of good courage, you have been in preparation and now is the trail. You can win! Keep going! There is one who’s Joy is your strength, one who has won for you so you can win. You will pass the trail, you will qualify because it is God who has qualified you!

Can I encourage you to keep your eyes on the prize and do not live in comparison or competition to another, especially in the trail stage of your life. This is a necessary season, so solidify now what you will focus on and how you will respond in action, thought and word. Because upgrade is coming, opportunity is coming, those dreams are coming to reality.

Choose to rejoice over those who have won in an area that you are still training, use their life as an example of the goodness of God that is available to you also; let them inspire you to trust that one day you will have your prize in hand too. Allow the Lord to work on your character and identity for when you get to run in the main arena of your life it is what will make you run far, run strong and win!
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