Not Afraid of Shadows

someone shadow
Chix don’t live in anyone elses shadow!”. Call me an optomist but I don’t think it is always a bad idea to remain in anothers shadow.
The bible speaks of the shadow of the Lords wings. Imagine huge wings spread out shading you from unnecessary exposure & heat; providing the perfect environment for you to journey & grow in.
I believe God will use people to be that for you & I. It is an honour to be able to walk in the shadows of those who live in the light of Christ. Leaders, Family & Friends who are surrender to Jesus & genuinely love Him will cast shadows that become shades for others to journey under. These shades aren’t ceilings, instead they’re coverings for others to grow well & then go well (be launched) from. These shadows are environments of instruction, training & function.
When we’re learning to soar by our design & in purpose, we will see the necessity & privilege of our time spent under the shadow of anothers wings. Perhaps there is a longing in all of us for such people? These people provide dwellings full of Purpose, Protection, Provision & Power. I believe we are called to become these people for others. We are called to cast shadows that become stable environments for others to find their identity, purpose & function for their call. No matter who we are, we all cast a shadow that invites people into the likeness that we’re beholding. May I ask? “who are you beholding & what are you building?”. When you posture yourself towards Christ, you will produce an environment that looks like Him.
I believe many are in search of these environments to thrive in themselves. To find the shades of men & women to help nature them into their destiny. I’ve had the honour of standing under some great people & in times when I didn’t have them, I would ask God to provide people for me; He always did. But what I desired the most was to have the revelation that I was foremost under the shadow of Gods wings & He be my main source.
May we not dispise the times of walking in anothers shadow. May we always have someone to provide a covering for us. May those who still search for shade find those you long for & May we all become a canopy for someone else in their journey.