Life Sentence

I was standing at my kitchen sink AGAIN this morning. The kitchen is where I’ve had some of my most personal and powerful encounters with the Lord. It’s like He waits for me to come there sometimes. I even purposely cook two or three small dishes at a time because I get to spend extra time with my Father God, and the family gives me space because… they want to eat!! I found that being a busy mum isn’t an excuse for my relationship with Jesus to suffer. He’s not ONLY looking for me to find space for Him, He finds me in my spaces.

With that said, this morning I took some extra time making breakfast. There was such a joy in my kitchen and I even invited my cubs to cook also. When clean up time came, of course everyone disappeared and I thought I was alone with the mess. Suddenly I realised I wasn’t, my Heavenly Father was there and He seemed eager for conversation. He knew I had been rather down the last couple of weeks over some circumstances which I will share about another time. I just said to Him, “Jesus, this circumstance is a Life Sentence; According to this world there is no getting out…”. Even before I could finish what I was saying, I heard His voice invade my thoughts, He said, “I’m reciting SENTENCES OF LIFE over the areas where you have been given a LIFE SENTENCE.”. I realised that Jesus was right in the middle of my messy situation. I realised that He was speaking words that would bring life where death was spoken, freedom where captivity was motioned and repair to what was broken. He was reminding me that His words are creative, LIVING AND ACTIVE; when spoken it brings life and activates things into being!

I now wanted to know what it was that He was speaking over my circumstances! I began to realise why two nights ago as I opened my bible my natural eyes where open to the Spiritual realm. As I held my bible, I saw a miniture world form in the palm of my hands over the pages, and miniture rain began to fall all over it. Asking the Lord what this meant, I heard Him say, “This is my word over your world!”
He brought to mind the scripture from Isaiah 55:10-11
“As the rain and the snow come down from heaven, and do not return to it
without watering the earth and making it bud and flourish, so that it yields seed for the sower and bread for the eater, so is my word that goes out from my mouth:
It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.”.
(Might I add, when coming home lastnight the number plate infront of us read “ABBA.55” I knew Abba (meaning: father) was reminding me of Isaiah 55).

I was being given yet another invitation to RESIGHT His word as He RECITED His word over my situation. He was inviting me to lay my eyes, set my mind and position my heart on the written word of God, because I was about to find His “NOW WORD” for my “NOW WORLD”! I believe others like myself maybe in a season where the Lord wants us to READ and RECITE (set our eyes to see and our mouths to speak) the LIFE GIVING SENTENCES found in the Word of God. I believe our voice will project an echo to what He is saying over the areas where you have been given LIFE SENTENCES of death, disillusionment and disfunction! I’m feeling especially in the area of physical healing that as you MEDITATE on His word He is going to MEDICATE your body!

Where you have heard the words such as,
untreatable, inoperable, irremediable,
beyond cure; terminal, fatal, deadly, mortal;
chronic, persistent, long-standing, constantly recurring, long-term; rareimmedicable.

God is speaking:
Treatable, cured, healed, restored, repaired, relieved, activated, freed, solved, dissolved (I heard cancers that can’t be reached or too much to remove), long life, satisfied, not to reoccur.

God is bringing life to your physical world through His word, and He is going to use your eyes and mouth to do it! Be filled with couraged to believe and pick up the word again, because; What He started He must accomplish, what He promised, He must deliver and the extravagance of His love for you is ready to be displayed.

I pray you will begin to see a budding and flourishing to areas you thought had no chance of life. I stand with you, anchored in trust and steadfast in hope. With Love, Prayers and Celebration, Chix