Your little vs Their Lot

Perhaps there will always be people better than us in whatever we do. People that are richer than us no matter how hard we work and earn; prettier than us no matter how much we make ourselves up: more talented than us, no matter how much we practice and the list goes on. We can continuously compare the lack of what we have in our hand to what seems to be an “abundance” in someone elses hand or we can choose to use what we have and see it mulitply. God challenged me as I was complaining to Him about the lack of purpose and opportunities I had. He asked me, “what I thought my talents were?” I listed a few but I made sure I let Him know how bad I was at them compared to others who had the same talents. He highlighted to me that I was living a life full of comparision and self condemnation and because of that I was unable to be vulnerable enough to use even the little that was in my hand, incase I was scoffed at. He soon breathe courage into my heart. I realised that no matter how great or not so great I am at something, there will always be people who approve and who don’t approve. I had to make a decision! Was I going to live a life waiting to be an expert at something before I put it out there? Or was I going to be brave and vulnerable enough to allow even my learning process be a blessing to others? Once I stopped living in comparison to anyone and rather took anothers accomplishments as an inspiration not using them as a mirror for my failure; I began to “choose to use” my little. And I love that Jesus is always delighted when we say Yes to putting to use our little. In the famous story of the five loaves and two fish (John 6). He thanks His father before He distributes it to the crowd. Can we be like Jesus? When given little can we come in thanks, then with trust begin distributing what is placed in our hand? I believe that it is in the process of DISTRIBUTION that MULTIPLICATION happens. Be encouraged if you see a little potential in your hand. You’re being called to give thanks & put to use what it is you possess by blessing others with it and you will be used as an example of success to those who did little with their plenty. #beencouraged #faithfuel