Live Your Purpose!

“Honey I’m thinking about starting an online rug company?!”. Not technically what I was expecting to hear as I entered the door of our home after a long day at the office; 4 months pregnant, nauseated and completely exhausted. “Honey you’re home, let me take your bag and I’ve cooked dinner!” Would have sufficed!

I came home cranky and ready to cry for no apparent reason other than the fact that I was high on estrogen! It was at this moment that my husband of 2 years (at the time) had the brilliant idea of asking me what I thought about him starting his own business with no start up capital, experience and well…time! I was about to unleash my pregnant mumma wrath on him when the Holy Spirit jumped in. I love that the power of the Holy Spirit transcends progesterone!

He reminded me of the days where we would dream and declare about running a business from home. But I argued in my head with the Lord for a moment making Him know that His timing was WAY OFF! He began to gently explain to me that should I choose to say yes and trust Him for all that is needed for this venture, that it will give Joshil (my husband) a chance to operate in an area that he was anointed and created for. That him living out his purpose will give others the courage and freedom, or the permission that they had been waiting for to take the risk and walk out their own purpose. The Lord encouraged me that Joshil embracing his purpose would speak louder to others than the other negative voices of disapproval or disbelief that they where surrounded with. The Lord challenged me and gave me the option of partnering my Yes to His plan for this season. He promised that this new venture would make provision for me and my children and others even in such areas as employment and education. I realised that saying yes meant saying “Jesus I trust you”.

5 years on and we now live in the fruit of that decision. I am so glad we said yes when we were called to do so. I’m grateful for all those who echoed it and breathed wind in our sails.

I really believe that the Lord is calling some people to apply themselves to some of the things that God has called them to do (or create). Yes it will take hard work! Unfortunately the Lord didn’t leave His throne and set up the online platform for our business. I watched my husband come to bed at 3, 4, 5am in the morning, however, Jesus did; send His angels to concern us, His grace was always sufficient, and He didn’t leave us neither forsake us at any point.
I pray that you will say yes to some of the things you have been sitting on, I believe that Jesus will give you what it takes to accomplish it. I believe others will be attracted to you like a bee to a flower, as you begin to produce what they need. There is much in store for you, I pray for a release of courage to embrace it and wisdom to produce it.
Love & Celebration, Chix.
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