Create what you can’t find!

“You’re brave to do what you are doing…I don’t think I could do that”. A statement I’ve gotten used to over the years.
We usually tend to venture into unknown, unusual and uncharted territory amongst those in our spheres, whether it’s in the areas of business, family or ministry. It usually looks crazy or scarey to some but most of the things we do were birthed out of the fact that we just didn’t have much other option to choose from at the time; and there wasn’t much out there that catered for our season or need, so we had to create it. The LESS OPTION we found around us created an opportunity for MORE POTENTIAL to be discovered within us. Our lack of places to turn to, enabled us to create spaces for others to turn into. We chose to become the “who we needed” and bring forth “what we needed.” But did we have what it takes. I never really questioned my courage too much however I did question my capacity. Could we fit it into our already hectic life? What would it cost us? Did we have the creativity for it? Can I handle peoples opinion? Personally I kept focusing on my inability rather than Gods availability! The availability of Him being “a very present help in the time of need.” – Ps 46:1. I had to focus on Who Jesus was, what He could do and the resources He had in store! I had to see that I wasn’t alone and that the creator of the universe was ready to help & create with me. I realised the power of the pleasure and approval of God toward what I was called to pioneer! In that moment the opinions and questions of others and the opinions and questions I had about and for myself seemed to diminish in the light of the excitment of the Father and in the resources He was about to extend to us. All I had to do was yield myself to Him and tap into His thoughts. Suddenly possibility arose where a problem once lay. And I realised that I may “be the” or “have a” solution to a particular need! Can I encourage you today not to be discouraged by your lack of options; but instead consider that you maybe called to birth the very thing you cannot find or be the very person, that you have searched for. So excited for what God is going to do in and through you! Love Chix
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