Eternal Love

This is an encounter I had with Jesus. ****
I’ve been on the journey of learning to “Live in the Light of Eternity” for the past 8 years. I would previously tell myself; “some people are better known in heaven.” And make an excuse for my unforgivness, disunity & bad attitude towards them. But yet I expected to move in power and I would ask for the reality of heaven on earth. I forgot that love itself is powerful. And living in the reality of heaven on earth, is living in the reality of love on earth!
So how did I shift away from this mindset? I knew what Jesus required of me. But how could I love those who don’t love me? How do I celebrate them with my thoughts, words and actions?! It felt too hard. My answer came oneday when I was feeling angry at someone who I felt had hurt and rejected me. The Lord led me to ask Him this very important question. “Jesus will you show me your love for me?” And He did and I wept.
But then He led me to an even harder one, “Jesus will you show me your love for THEM?” And He did and I wept. I had found the questions that cause me to know love and show love over and over again. It has never failed to realign my heart with Gods heart; and I am continuously overcome by His compassion for them. I must align my heart to Gods heart for them, if I expect God to align His goodness to my desires!
Love Chix
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