Living Under Peoples Opinions!

One of the greatest prisons of life is when we choose to live under peoples opinions. If you have done life long enough you will know that there are many options on the market and some people have CHOSEN to make what looks like a perminent home under these, and everything else that they choose to pursue or not pursue, build into or not build revolves around this place of opionon they are dwelling in. But can I encourage you, the only one that can keep you as a permanent resident under peoples opionons is yourself! Let’s change our perspective; you have most likely been under a rental agreement rather than ownership of peoples words and as much as the enemy wants to tell you that “you are trapped”, the Lord is encouraging you today that “you can opt out anytime!” He has paid for your release a long time ago. There is an invitation “to move out from under the DUNGEON OF OPINION and into the DWELLING OF HIS PRESENCE” where what He says about you becomes louder. But how do we take the steps to do this? I’ve realised that in order to shift out an old culture, I must create a new one and new cultures consist of new practices. I realised that when it came to “OPINIONS” I was trying so hard to live away from that of others, yet I had so many of my own. My silent sounding board (Joshil) would hear what I thought was necessary for anothers life and my evaluation of their circumstances, until oneday the Lord challenged me, He said, “in all your evaluation, you have no idea what is true! So come up to my understanding, see what I see, then let my thoughts become your thoughts and ways become your ways.” As I began to do this, the culture of my home shifted, our conversations changed, we voiced less opinon about others and more prayer for them, for a couple of lines of blessing echoing Gods heart for them would be better for their world and ours; then a paragraph of my own selfish thoughts. I broke free from the prison of peoples opinons when I released people from mine! I realised that if “I WOULD CHANGE”, I would cause a “CHANGE-REACTION” in my home and world. We now live with more purpose, prosperity & peace than ever before. -Chix
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