“Praise”-For Warfare or Welfare?

I have many thoughts on the subject of ‘Praise’ but you won’t read them all today! I’ve named my first born after the term and when he was born I didn’t know how significant this practice would become. We learned very quickly the power of praise when you are in a fight. We came to the very clear realisation that it was such a powerful weapon against any attack on our life. When we were swamped under health and financial pressures we began opening up our mouths and started exalting God for all He has done, is doing and will do! It became like a trumpet in our hands as we contended and boy did the enemy hate and shake at hearing our love and allegiance to God. But I learned a very important lesson; If praise was a weapon of choice when I was in a war, I wondered why I hadn’t utilised this incredible tool during all the other seasons of my life.
I began to ponder about Isaiah 61: where the Lord wants to restore Zion and its people! I love that He chooses to clothed them with splendor and a garment of praise before He states how they will rebuild their cities and establish their children and livestock! As I woke up one morning the first thing I heard for the day was the Holy Spirit speak He said, Praise is for your Welfare not just your Warfare! This belief has transitioned my family and I into not just a season but a lifestyle where proclaiming the Lords greatness and giving adoration to Him is paramount! You are invited into this lifestyle! That not just through your weapon of praise but by the garment that you are called to wear you will be empowered by the Holy Spirit to establish a life of prosperity, joy, peace & love. That the praises lifted up in your lifetime will cause a reward in your generation and your generations to come! But it’s a choice! The Lord wants to grant you health, happiness and prosperity, but first count yourself worthy of the garment and worthy that God would want to hear your words of Love and Adoration towards Him! Can I encourage you to open up your mouth and start praising God, there is so much to be WON and so much to be DONE in and around you! With much love Chix
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