Striving in Prayer vs Abiding in Prayer

I’m currently in a beautiful season, I have been graced with an ability and desire to prayer like never before. I crave it! I often find myself speaking in a heavenly language (tongues) or giving thanks to God in the most random moments of my day, I’m often up early in the morning sitting at Jesus’ feet, but before you get thinking about how ‘holy’ or spiritually ‘heroic’ I maybe, know that this wasn’t always the case. I’ve sat down with Lord and asked Him what happened? What enabled the transition from a life style of “must pray” to “want to prayer”. Here are a few thoughts:

1. Faithful in the Fight

For those of you who know some of our story, you will know that having babies was easy for us, having them full of health was an issue. Without full details, the doctors had a numbers of ideas for our kids at different stages of their development, I felt like I was in a constant war over the life and health of my family and then myself. We were in and out of doctors offices and hospitals and had a grim future outlook. I was scared to have anymore because of the toll it would take on my body, sanity and even my faith in God. At times I became resentful and angry at God. I felt like I was spending my time constantly fighting against some sickness, circumstance and/or situation. I felt constantly at war and I was tired. I wanted to desperately for my miracle to come and I felt as though my religious rituals were actually going to twist Gods hand to save and heal my family and I from our dire state! I was fighting defeated, I was fighting as though I had lost. The truth be told the Lord called us to contend by decreeing and declaring His word over our family. We were in a fight for our lives. However the transition for hoping for our miracles came when we realised WE WERE FIGHTING A WINNING BATTLE! That although sometimes our natural circumstances didn’t say do, the Bible and Prophetic words over our life did. So we tenaciously kept our eyes on the VICTORY. We saw that VICTORY had been purchased on the cross of Calvary when Jesus died and we gaining access to it. We believed that WHAT WE BEHELD WE WOULD BECOME, so we chose to keep our eyes on the goodness of God.

2. Faithful to pursue His Presence.

Late Nights and far from a normal family life, had us tired, however even in the midst of those times, we found our resting place in Gods presence, when my heart was grieved and the lump in my throat inhibited me from decreeing, I was sit still in His Presence, just hoping and asking Him even from my thoughts to show me His kindness, mercy & love. To remind me that He is near and He does more than we could ask or hope for. That He would show me and reassure me that He is working behind the scenes. We intentionally created an atmosphere in our home that created room His Presence. This incorporated things such as listening to testimonies & worship music but it also incorporated what may seem “less spiritual” like finding our joy with each other, choosing to celebrate and live at peace with one another, singing, dancing, eating, watching our favourite movies and inviting Jesus to do it with us! Some may see it as “corny” but when you’re desperate it’s amazing how childlike and humble you can become. We found Joy as He became present with us in all things.
And so we are hear 5 years later and it seems as though there is a grace to pray. I’ve figured it’s because I was faithful to pursue Him in all seasons, to be led to fight and have fun when it was needed. The whole time I was breaking into realms of revelation and the depths of intimacy with Him that have caused a breakthrough in my prayer life, I am lead some day to pray for myself and other days to pray for others. But the key is BEING LED.

I think even as God is encouraging us to “STOP STRIVING” for our miracles and breakthrough, it doesn’t mean that we are called to STOP PRAYING. Prayer is a vital way to stay CONNECTED WITH GOD and HEAR HIS VOICE in fact we are called to pray UNCEASINGLY. The thought of that word makes me feel very tired, very quickly. But the question is how do we do it? How do we transition from a place of Striving in pray to a place of Abiding in pray?

In summary:

1. Prayer takes on different forms in different seasons and we are called to be faithful to how Jesus leads us to pray in whatever season. There will be times we are called to fight but mostly we are called to have fun and enjoy our time with Him. I have been faithful in seasons where I needed to contend, however, I stopped freaking out and tiring myself out when I realised that I WAS FIGHTING A WINNING BATTLE. How did I know this? I kept my eyes on what the Bible said about my situation and held onto it until my circumstances mirrored the promises said in Gods word. Sometimes this took years…other times it took days. At no time did I find a good enough excuse to take an escape root. I was better off where Jesus was.
2. Thankfulness and Praise unlocks realms that you will want to supernaturally remain in. I always find something, anything, past, present and future to thank God for and praise Him for who He is! Before you know it, I’m transitioned into a place that supersedes my own, it’s the place that you can hear only the love and truth of God towards you and what you are facing. Once you start believing what you hear and feel here; you will want to stay.
3. It’s the pursuit of His Presence that enables and fuels prolonged & powerful prayer. I remain in pray because I have asked to remain with Jesus. Our conversation never ceases it just takes on various forms, but I am with Him.
I believe that the Lord is releasing a Grace to Pray like never before on the earth, a individual and corporate movement that motions heaven and gives momentum to your needed revival. Transition is imminent as we stay faithful and obedient to when and how He has called us to pray. With Love Chix
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