See His Pleasure and Find the Treasure

Just ask my beloved husband…he will tell you that I absolutely L.O.V.E the prophetic; which is the ability to hear God and communicate His heart to people. I can’t imagine my life without it & I’m passionate about inviting people into a lifestyle of communication with the Father. He loves to share His secrets and wonders with His creation and there are many ways of hearing Him for yourself and others. From a young age I may have had an attraction to all things prophetic but I didn’t have much confidence in it. I was scared to be around it because I saw more accusation and warning than I ever did see edification and encouragment. I became increasingly weary of all people as I “saw” their faults and failures rather than the treasures of Gold that the Lord was trying to unearth from within them, despite some of the muck that may have surrounded it. I would get fustrated that I “couldn’t see like others could see” or didnt seem “as anointed” as others were. I took it up with the Father, He began to highlight to me that He is not DISPLEASED with me or fustrated with me, instead He was so compassionate and loving and He began to show me how pleased He actaully was with me! This began to solidify in my heart and the prophetic began to unlock even more in my life! Where more secrets of the Fathers heart were shared. I believe He wants to do the same with you. Many people need a solidifying of their Identity in God. Know that He looks at you with so much pleasure. I believe prophetic insight will begin to flow in greater measure and you will be able to find the treasures hidden in yourself and those around as you lock eyes with an approving, forgiving, nurturing and loving Father. Hearing Him and knowing His voice and where you are going won’t be such an issue anymore. You will be filled with purpose and you’ll know the plans to live it out! You will see people in a brand new light, without judgement or apprehension, you won’t get easily offended and you won’t look for their faults. You will see them like God sees them. As valuable and as precious as He sees you! Lets be that people together! #beencouraged #faithfuel #yearofencounter