This is an encouragement to all who have walked a road that has been marked with shame or for those who maybe still parked there. Perhaps you find yourself in a space where your mind is plagued by events of failures gone past, or the moments where injustice was served as your main meal and where rejection was your dinner date. You may have transitioned or still find yourself in the same position but since of late, you seemed to be overly reminded of where you are and where you have been. Can I encouraged you, the Lord is releasing a song of honour and reward over you! One that says you are not who you think you are or who the enemy says you are. You don’t have to stay in your present stupor or go back to where you have come from! The Lord is making a declaration over you and elevating you into the position of His elect Son and Daughter. It is here, in the place of privilege, that the shame of your past mistakes or those made towards you cant hold you down any longer. The Lord is marking you with His seal of approval for what you have dreamed of doing and who you have dreamed of becoming. You know that voice you have believed to be true, the one that holds you captive in fear, it’s the enemy and He is a liar! The God of all Truth, Jesus, is singing a melody of love over you, which is being carried on the refreshing winds of His Holy Spirit and breathing life into you! Stand Up! Hold your head high! The Lord is commending you right now for not choosing anymore lies and not choosing to stay accused and condemned. You are free and you may only believe who the Fathers says you are to be and do what He says you can do! For whom Jesus has set free, is free indeed! #beencouraged #befree #freedom #faithfuel #chix #christian #yearofencounter