Guts and Glory

When I was getting ready for the day, Jesus took a moment to interrupt my beauty ragime and make this statement, He said, “I will give you the guts and you will give me the glory.” I stopped in awe of the statement because He didn’t ask me, “Hey Chix, if I give you the courage to dive into what I have for you, then will you make sure you give the glory back to me??” Instead He was so confident of what He was about to release and so sure that I would steward it well. My stomach was gripped for a moment thinking, how confident could You really be of me Lord? And I found myself suddenly under the stare of an approving, trusting and excited Father who knew my end from my beginning and saw me having won the race, and cross the finish line with all the others He had also trusted and who were confident of their heavenly Fathers approval and dependant on His voice. What I didn’t know is that He was gearing me up for a day FULL of open doors that only the Lord would have known I dreamed about and all of them are going to take courage like I haven’t needed before. I am overwhelmed to say the least…but it had me thinking, I never really responded to His statement, as I sit here this evening, my hearts prayer is over and over again, “Lord if you give me the guts, I will give you the glory.”! It is a resounding Yes to His Yes!
I believe that the Lord is calling you into a place where he says confidently to you…”I TRUST YOU! YOU’RE NOT GOING TO FAIL, AND YOU’RE NOT GOING TO FAIL ME!” He is igniting confidence in you to dive into your destiny and he knows thay you will listen and obey His voice for direction. As he did for me today, may he lead you to dive by faith into areas that are too vast for you and too unknown by you. Those areas where you will need your confidence in Him to drown out your personal insecuries. May you realised that you are called for greatness and for that you will need some guts! God is giving out “guts” or some “courage” in this season! Grab it! He is waiting for the world to see more of His Glory, May it shine through you! And He knows he’ll get it back from You! #beencouraged #GodTrustsYou #opendoors #gutsandglory #yearofencounter