Revelatory Realms are Opening

Felt to encourage someone today! I woke very early this morning and a star caught my eye through the bedroom, I felt promoted by the Lord to go out and watch them as He wanted to talk to me. As I gazed at their beauty, I began to ponder about the season we are in, a season of faith, discovery and a season of being hidden or covered somewhat (which is lovely in so many ways and fustrating in others). And the Lord reminded me of a dream I had a few months ago of the galaxies being open up against a dark roof, I didn’t understand it until now. I heard the Holy Spirit respond to my pondering and say “Chicky, know that the stars can be seen at night… Likewise life’s darker seasons present the opportunity to see your destiny with greater clarity.” I realised then that the Lord was extending an invitation into the revelatory realm for greater revelation of the things to come, for my life and the lives of others. Sometimes we are so wanting the darker seasons of life to CEASE that we fail to SEIZE what’s available in them. I don’t know what season you find yourself in at present. Perhaps it’s circumstances with relationships, friends, finances, family, work, ministry, your self worth that has kept you in what seems like “the dark of night”, can I encourage you to lift your head and look up?
I believe a revelatory realm is being opened up for people, if they should realise and apprehend this moment and even this season, God is going to bring greater revelation about His love for you, His plans for you and His love for others that He wants to display in and through you through signs, wonders and miracles. He presents an opportunity to come into unity with His heart, for Him to bring into your life whatever revelation you need in this season! I pray for a waking up and a leading out to gaze into the stars! I once had a night vision where I saw Jesus and as I looked into his eyes, the galaxies streamed through them. And so let it be that when you gaze into your night sky and look at the stars that you come face to face with your marker and you begin to see and know what He sees and knows about you!

❤ Chix #beencouraged #word #realmsofrevelation #destiny #yearofencounter