Earthly loss & Heavenly Reward

There is no one that I have ever met that has been void of loss, some have experienced much and others a little and the magnititude of eachones loss depends on the value they placed on what or who it was they lost.

We must be aware that as long as we journey under these temporary skys, loss is guaranteed; however be encouraged because the Lord is reminding us that there is also the guarantee of gain, Ecclesiastes 3 proves this. The question is how and when do we get to claim it.

Let me explain this by sharing some of our journey.

We decided to embark on our first “biggish” family holiday. We booked flights because the kids hadn’t been on a plane before, we hired a beautiful home with a pool and view and purchased theme park tickets, we were ready to roll! However let’s not forget the coordination which took alot of work (anyone who has travelled with a young family would know what I’m talking about.) We were scheduled to fly out at 6am on the Monday morning which required us to book our puppy into his accomdation the night before and go spend that night at our parents house which was closer to the airport. From the moment we embarked things started to go wrong. From the kennel cancelling our reservation because they needed our vets confirmation for our puppy to stay, to my beloved husband forgetting his wallet having no photo ID to fly and realising 2 hours before we set to the skies. From missing flights, buying new flights and loosing money on previous tickets and flying seperately with a child each and now in waiting to see if we have any speeding fines back home… things just didn’t work out as planned at all. Some may call it irrisponsibility, but we had lists for our lists, we thought we had it all in check.

Needless to say, I wasn’t happy, we had been here before, other times however it was heavier. It was when my son was born lifeless and given little hope to be normal, it was when our kids school owed us 1000s and they never repaid it, it was when people started talking bad about us and we got to hear about it, it was when I spent weeks unable to walk or sleep due to a lacerated siatic nerve, it was when I stayed up watching my boy breathe making sure he still is, It was when I prayed for to walk when the other kids his age where running. Can you sense the loss? Can you sense the state of despair we were in? I wanted life to be over and eternity to come as quickly as possible, because I though that to die is to gain heaven! Yes this is true, however the Lord began to speak to me through all the fire we were walking through that there is an opportunity to gain right here and now. For all the enemy was trying to steal from me, my joy, hope, peace, strength, love, friends, money, family, the Lord began to highlight that althought it seems like the enemy is trying to dig a grave for me, the Lord told me to take the shovel and start mining for the rewards of His Kingdom, some which are available now and some in eternity. Either way it was my opportunity to begin gaining even when it seem like I was loosing. We are intentional in all circumstances to place more value on our heavenly inheritance and invest there with our thoughts, words and actions.

My husband and I began digging into written and rhema Words of Jesus for our life, it became food for our soul. We feasted and feasted! We slowly began to see the evidence of mining the revelatory realms of heaven with praise, thanksgiving, declarations, decrees, worship and even finding our fun with those who loved us, with the money we had, the food, movie and music we liked and choosing to notice the beauty and the goodness of God. We thought buy focusing on the good and giving praise through it we would multiply it! I realised that our attitude (in what ever circumstance) was a currency that enabled us to acquire heavenly reward, when if we have the wrong attitude and make mistake, be repentant and apologetic and gain heavenly reward. So we invested our praise and thanksgiving, our love and honour in the secret place! We realised in the process, that even despite the earthly loses of health, friends and money we were gaining already a priceless relationship with Jesus, one that enabled us to know His voice even if He spoke quietly in the midst of a crowd, and let me assure you when you make friends with Jesus, He is not a poor friend! He is that generous friend that loves takeing the bill after having dinner out. He is the one that gives to you more than what you could ever own, and to be friends with Him is to get used to and welcome His generousity and extravagance towards you because He counts and crowns you worthy!!


And as we had it we were rushing to the airport and I began to break out in praise and declaration after being sad and angry for a moment. I began saying God you know what’s ahead and you have the best for us (your besties). I began listening to songs that spoke from Psalm 27, of the confidence we can have in God. And the Lord said to me, “this is going to cost you, you’re going to loose money and convinence, but what you are doing in the midst of your earthly loss is gaining you heavenly reward, my favour is towards you and things will shift…dig in press through until you gain.” So I got on a plane with my son and without my husband and daughter. I sat in seat 27 and opened my bible that automatically turned to Psalm 27.

I was excited, although I was tired, I knew Jesus was totally in control and something beautiful was forming out of this mess. When we touched down I saw a bus drive pass me with the number 777 which to me represents favour and like winning a jackpot I had won, and I knew prophetically that the turn around had happened. The upgrades and generousity of God through people began to flow and the events of that morning, felt like waters gone by.

So today I don’t know where you find yourself, but if you feel like you are in a place of loss there is so much to gain. Do what I do, look into the mirror and say, “I am the favoured of God and Gods favourite, nothing of who He is and what He has is withheld from me!” Now think and talk like you are favoured, praise and give thanks and unlock heavenly reward now on earth and for tomorrow in eternity. I pray for the release of Spirit of Praise to consume you. I release courage and confidence to walk as who you are created to be!

With so much love and celebration