Praise, Joy, Faith

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Was revisiting some of my journals from about 3-5 years ago and I was so surprised to see the decrees and declarations we made in faith and the conversations with Jesus where we felt him impress on our hearts of the things he wanted to do. And we were so encouraged to see the things we held onto with tenacious faith, he did in fact do! We found things that we prophecied over ourselves and kids start to come into fruition just this month and there is so much more in there we are believing for!
One of things that had got me a little low in the recent season, is that I felt that my faith for the things we had always dreamed off seemed to dimish (Not Joshil though! He is incredibly steadfast and forward focused.) I began to loose hope and kind of settle for the now, scared to dream and sow into that dream, in case I may loose it, fail or didn’t steward it well. I then realised that I was sapped of my joy. I became increasingly quiet and recluse and found little joy in the company of people or with God. In the last couple of weeks the Lord has had me revisit the “Praise Days” where I would, despite what anyone thought, despite what my circumstances tried to dictate to me and despite how I felt, I would pick myself up and Praise God for who He is and dream and declare out loud the things we felt he said He would do! I realised that in the midst of peoples opinions, my failing health, my contending for my kids and family circumstances, I FOUND JOY WHEN I EXERCISED MY FAITH! I begun to realise a pattern that when faith is increased, joy comes too. I read the above exert from my journal, where the Lord told me to leave Him to accomplish the impossible, but wanted me to enjoy having faith for it. I realised that when I had Faith for something, it wasn’t a fleeting kind of hope that says, “ohh Jesus please come through”, it was a guaranteed expectation of delivery that says “My spirit has been impregnated with faith, I carry promise that will be birthed and “this bundle of joy” will arrive in its due time!”. I just wanted to share this encouragement with someone today. Jesus is not done! I pray for a release of the gift of faith that brings much joy and expectancy! Xo