Are you Disgruntled or Delighted?

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Having gone through our fair share of spiritual attack I lived under the impression that the enemy wanted us dead, he wanted to cut our lives short because he was threathened by us. But I remember what the Lord began to highlight to me when I was at my lowest point.”John 10:10″ He said, “The thief (enemy) comes to steal, kill and destroy, but I have come that you may have life to the full.” Jesus began to minister to my heart in those desperate days and explain that the enemy doesn’t want me to just die, in fact the enemy would love to keep me in this place of despair and self pity where I am shaking my fists at heaven and hurling insults to God. A place that complains about the lack of Gods intervention in my present circumstances and makes sure people know about it!! He explained that the enemy has me where he wants me, offended, faithless, praise-less and all-round disgruntled. I was jealous of believers and non-believers because they seemed more fortunate than I. I began to realise that the enemy wanted me isolated and angry at God and People and anyone who interacted with me saw how much of an unhappy, unfulfilled christian I was. I realised that the enemy has actually come to STEAL, KILL AND DESTROY, my LOVE, JOY, FAITH, PATIENCE, PASSION, PRAISE and PEACE, than just have me dead, for me to die is to gain all that heaven has, For what use to him was I then? I was a great solider, unaware that I was fighting for the wrong side, my thoughts and words were filled with MORE COMPLAINING THAN PRAISING! If you find yourself in a place of attack can I encourage you, God wants to reveal His love and faithfulness to you. He is a strong deliverer, and He has given you a powerful weapon of praise that will bring breakthrough to your present circumstances, use it! Find your joy through thankfulness and praise! When you begin to praise, God steps in, sets up camp and fights! The enemy can’t stand an intentionally delighted son and daughter of God! There is going to be such a release of LIFE AND LAUGHTER in your LAND! Partner with God and attain the victory He has already won for you!
Love Chix

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