Words: Tonic or a Toxin?

word tonic

Ever swollowed a capsule? It’s filled with a substance that carries a specific purpose for the body. When digested, this capsule will burst and its contents be released into the blood stream. This substance will cause a reaction in the existing elements contained in the body and also work to either envigorate or incapacitate the systems. Our Words are like this capsule they aren’t empty but carry substance produced in a factory called our hearts. When we speak we release words loaded with the intention of our hearts, when digested by others or ourselves the contents will cause a reaction on the substances already present inside (insecurity, fear, hope, love). These words will either bring to life or put to death what’s in our body, mind, spirit and soul. Words spoken with not just GOOD intention but GOD intention will to put to death what is already killing us and bring to life that which will have us live. The words we speak have power and carry a punch. They are weighted and can cause breakthrough or breakdown in our lives and the lives of others. Remember the toxic words of others don’t need to be received and digested either, we must be careful what we eat as we will become it. May we search and allow Jesus to clean out our heart factory. May it then produce a substance filled with the intentions of the heart of our Father God. Sometimes this is corrective and maybe hard to swollow by the recipient, but it should always be mixed with love. May we use today to open the Word of God-Bible- and allow the Word Himself- Jesus-, to become a healing tonic to our hearts. May we deliver pleasant potions to people today, our husbands, wives, babies, collegues, friends & all others. May we see ourselves as dispensers of love, joy, peace and hope this season. Sometimes it’s worth waiting on our words because of how weighted they truely are.
Cheering you on to be all you are designed to be.
Love Chix