Imitation and Intimacy

imitation intimacy

Its been a busy week to say the least. I had the honour on Saturday night to witness my uncle pass into eternity, it was a divine and supernatural moment that was witnessed by those he loved and those who loved him. The moments that followed were filled with family, food, song, many tears and many laughs. Our family was bonded together with such love. You only need to know how truely strong a chord is when you apply tension. Through it all the secret question of my heart was “Jesus how can I best be You here?” And from that place I cried when I felt compassion, I served when there was a need, I held when touch was required, I spoke when something needed to said, but over all… I LOVED WHEN LOVE WAS NEEDED THE MOST. And as I reflected on the last week…I asked myself, “Jesus did I be the best you I could be?” And He answered as I woke up this morning, the first thought of my day was His gentle whisper saying, “Your imitation of me came from your intimacy with me.” And I felt the pleasure of Jesus towards my little tribe. But then I realised that the well of Intimacy is deep and there is so much of Him to know and experience because there are so many people who are yet to know and to experience Him. So this is my little encouragment to you today, you’re invited to not just drink from but dive into this well. May you imerge saturated with His life and love. Love Chix