Fault or Favour?

favour fault

Yesterday Jesus randomly asked me this question. “ALL THOSE IN FAVOUR SAY I?!” …I laughed as I said “I LORD DEFINATELY I.” At first I thought I was responding and giving my Yes to something He wanted me to do and I was saying yes to my support of His proposal… then I quickly realised that instead, He was asking me Whether or Not I was “Living in and with Favour” and that my Aye or Nay reply would then highlight why I did or didnt feel as though I could live in and with it. I realised that, to live in and with favour, one must first come into what I call an identity agreement. We can make this agreement with one of two councils. 1) “The Counsel of lies” Chairman: the enemy or 2) “The Counsel of Truth” chairman: Father God (your designer). The counsel of lies states your unworthiness to be known as anyone good, it displays your guilt, shame and proposes that you do not deserve anything you may desire because even your intentions are impure, this counsel aims to steal your identify and gift you with failure. It concludes with the question, “ALL AT FAULT SAY I?” Then there is the Counsel of Truth. This counsel highlights all your rights and entitlements as a Valued Member of the Fathers Favoured Family. It aims to solidify your position as Son and Daughter of the Chairman, Father God. It highlights the price that was paid for you and your absolute worthiness in receiving rewards. It highlights that you are infact THE REWARD of the Father Himself, and by seeing you come into the knowledge and acceptance of your full value and then living your full purpose He receives His FULL reward. This counsel may correct you but it will always protect you. This counsel steals your failure and gifts you with favour. It will always conclude by asking? “ALL IN FAVOUR SAY I?!” Waiting eagerly to see you step into the reality of WHO YOU ARE and the revelation that your Favour is protected by the security of your identity.
The Council of Truth invites and awaits your “I” ! And thus the Father loudly and proudly exclaims… “The “I”s Have it” ….and yes we truely do!
Love and Cheering you on.
Lorraine (Chix)